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Our East Village restaurant is now 

accepting take-out & delivery orders online! 

Try our new ginger sake steamer!!!

Specials for  the weekend of 

 November 22nd and 23rd

Winter Vegetable Hash $13.50 

roasted parsnips, butternut squash ,brussels sprouts, fennel, celery, root and sage 

topped with two organic eggs any style 

and your choice of sausage (veggie chicken or pork) bacon

Almas’s Chilaquiles $13.50

crispy corn tortilla sautéed with salsa verde topped 

with queso anejo crema fresh avocado and red onion with two organic eggs any style

Soup of the Day- East side $6.50

(served with our homemade focaccia) 

Turkey chili- gluten free $7.50

Very veggie- gluten free and vegan $6.50

Soup of the Day- West side $6.50

(served with our homemade focaccia)

Very veggie- gluten free and vegan

Red lentil in coconut milk curry- gluten free and vegan

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