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Our East Village restaurant is now 

accepting take-out & delivery orders online! 

Specials, Friday, July 31st

Small Plates 6

Purple potato, roasted sweet corn, arugula and fresh oregano

with a Ciao focaccia


Market bean salad

Romano, wax and string beans with roasted tomato and rosemary

with a slice of filone

Stir fry of the day 9.50 (gluten free)

Broccoli, roasted sweet potato, napa cabbage and quinoa with roasted garlic
Add tamari tofu 3
Add organic chicken 4

Soup of the Day 6.50

(served with our homemade focaccia) 

Veggie chili- vegan, gluten free 

Gazpacho-gluten free-vegan, gluten free (served chilled)