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Our East Village restaurant is now 

accepting take-out & delivery orders online! 

Weekend brunch specials, July 4th and 5th

Alma’s chipotle chicken nachos $14.50

Corn chips topped with refried black beans, organic chipotle chicken, oaxaca cheese, cotija cheese,

guacamole, fresh tomato, salsa verde and sour cream

Lemon, ricotta pancakes $13.50

Three of Grandma Linda’s buttermilk pancakes topped with home made ricotta,

lemon curd and local blueberries

Soup of the Day $6.50

(served with our homemade focaccia) 

Potato leek-vegan, gluten free

Gazpacho-gluten free-vegan, gluten free (served chilled)

Dessert of the Day $7

Peach cobbler with fresh whipped cream