Ciao for Now has been written up in numerous publications including local New York papers and magazines as well as those as far reaching as Japan. Scroll down to read more!

“Ciao for Now is an East Village cafe that serves up sustainable food because it’s better for everyone, not because it’s trendy or marketable. Owner and operator Kevin explains that people wouldn’t necessarily know Ciao is green by their logo or signs, but as soon as customers look at the menu and see ‘organic’ and/or ‘local’ in almost every dish description, they’ll figure it out pretty quickly.”

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Gotham Magazine

“Ciao for Now caters anywhere in Manhattan to perk up those dull morning meetings.”

The Villager

“Ciao for Now is definitely a mom and pop operation, the homey, old-fashioned kind of place that seems to have all but vanished from our town... Almost non-stop, from before they open till they lock up at night, people walk by and wave; Amy and Kevin know nearly every one by name. Some customers drop in for coffee or something to eat six or seven times a day.”

“East Village Eatery Is Like a Home for This Cafe Clan” (December 15, 2011)

New York Press

Best of Manhattan - Coffeehouse Baked Goods: “Coming soon to prime time....While the benches outside are a gathering place for dog-walkers and moms with strollers, it’s the back of the store that hosts the magic. Amy makes some of the best baked goods in the city, from the buttery maple-pecan sticky buns to the flaky goat cheese-and-bacon puffs. We don’t know how she does it, but the woman even makes a colon-friendly bran muffin taste like nutty angel food cake.”


Best in New York - Neighbourhood Cafe: “Amy, Kevin and Django do their best to bring a little bit of California to the East Village with their sunny, postage-stamp-sized cafe... Ciao for Now developed neighbourhood institution status practically from the moment it opened its door. That maybe due to its tiny storefront and communal tables, which encourage conversation....or maybe because their homemade scones, muffins, and sandwiches are uniquely flavorful.

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